For more than 160 years, Pellorce & Jullien has been making a marron glacé with plump, soft, melt-in-the-mouth flavours. A recipe that remains unchanged since its creation by Gaston Lenôtre.


The festive French delicacy par excellence.


Founded in 1864, Pellorce & Jullien has now refocused on its production of marrons glacés and marrons confits. Pellorce & Jullien has recently put its experience and French know-how to good use in creating a complete range of candied citrus fruits for pastry makers, chocolate makers and ice-cream makers. Pellorce & Jullien meets Ribet: two century-old companies combine forces.


In the 90s, Maison Ribet was taken over by Pellorce & Jullien. To this day, both companies have retained their original qualities and specific characteristics. Recipes, tricks of the trade and mastery of the various stages of the candying process have remained unchanged, in order to enhance and showcase this delicate fruit. Most of the operations involved in making a marron glacé are carried out by hand, as the chestnut is a fragile fruit and requires a great deal of care and attentive work.


Considerable and ongoing efforts, linked to the development of production tools and technology, and the perfect mastery of traditional candying techniques, enable us to guarantee top-of-the-range quality.


Making marrons glacés inevitably involves mastering a number of different stages.


- Approval of batches of raw chestnuts at the harvesting and peeling sites, in accordance with established specifications.


- Carrying out pilot tests (cooking and candying) on each batch, combined with various developments concerning both the cooking parameters and the formulations of the candying syrups.